3D garland as a facade lighting

Decorating a Christmas tree, creating a light font or another light figure using a 3D garland is not all the possibilities of this technology. If you have an empty façade or you want to make a festive decoration of a building or something else – we suggest using 3D garlands by TM Yalynka Ukrainy.

Just imagine what your facade can look like when you paint on it national motifs, flags, congratulations or just advertising slogans with company logos on a holiday and all this changes dynamically.
We can prepare garlands for a project of any complexity: 3D screens for windows, decoration of facades and supermarket show windows, industrial enterprises, private houses and fences. Using 3D garlands, you get impressive promotional streams, 3D star sky (on which you can depict moving planets, the moon or entire constellations) and much more. All you can imagine.

If the parameters of the object are correctly set, TM Yalynka Ukrainy produces garlands of a special length and the pitch between the pixels will be selected taking into account the distance where the viewer will be located. We will make for you the first program for the controller individually, we will program all the scenes according to your requirements. In the future, you can program the controller by yourself or contact us.

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