Interior Christmas trees


Interior trees are artificial Christmas trees of stem or carcass structure intended for indoor use. Interior Christmas trees are used on New Year’s matinees in schools, kindergartens, to decorate the halls of shopping centers, foyer of organizations, etc. The interior christmas trees made by us can be up to 10 meters high.

What is the difference between an interior tree and a street tree?

  • light frame, because there are no snow and wind loads.
  • Lower placement of the first branch tier, as the fence is not normally used indoors.
  • More fluffy needles.
  • There is no need using additional load.

Artificial interior Christmas trees in parts do not occupy much space and are convenient in transportation and storage. Imagine how much trouble it will bring to install a live Christmas tree with a height of 5 meters indoors, starting from getting it through the doors to the hall. An artificial Christmas tree of this height is a few boxes with elements of the frame and needles, and assembly according to the instructions will take no more than a couple of hours.

Using an artificial interior tree is more profitable than of a living one:

  • Harmoniousness – the branches are evenly places across the entire height and from all sides.
  • Durability – you can use them repeatedly.
  • Convenience – easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Compact – it does not take up much space in parts during transportation and storage.
  • Cleanliness – needles from an artificial Christmas tree, unlike from a living tree, do not fall off, so the daily cleaning of the room is not required.

  • White interior Christmas treeColor : WhiteHeigth : up to 6 meters

  • Green interior Christmas treeColor : GreenHeight : Up to 6 meters

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