3D fountains

As a rule, fountains are turned off in all cities in winter and then, the location where the fountain is placed looks gray and boring. And there are cities and towns that have never had their own fountain. That’s why we decided to offer our solutions to this problem – we created and produced a light 3D fountain. It plays with all the colors of the rainbow and dynamically changes the picture, creating the impression of a “live” fountain and fascinating children and adults.
3D fountains are a frame made in the form of an ordinary fountain, where the role of trickles of water is played by 3D garlands tapes. The rest of the fountain is usually decorated with flash garlands or a duralight.
All materials used have IP68 protection level, so the 3D fountain can be installed on top of the usual one, and it can be used in any season, even with a running water fountain – this will ensure an indescribable effect when the water flows are highlighted by 3D garlands.

Advantages of using our light elements:

Use of certified safe materials

Protected against environmental influences (ultraviolet, snow, water, frost)

Light and durable frame

It is possible to make a light figure of any shape and complexity


All LED elements used have IP68 protection level

  • 3D-FountainDiametr : 6 mHeight : 5 mPixels : 800 pcs

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