Outdoor fir-tree

Artificial street Christmas trees, from 3 to 45 m in size, are used to decorate squares and parks, they are installed in front of shopping and entertainment centers, state and commercial organizations. Now it is more convenient to buy a street artificial pine than a living tree. There are many reasons why:


An artificial Christmas tree is more beautiful

As a rule, living Christmas trees have an asymmetrical shape, branches can be located with discontinuity and be broken off, and they can be of different size. An artificial Christmas tree does not have these disadvantages. All branches are located symmetrically. Needles have the same color



Needles from an artificial Christmas tree do not fall off. So you don’t need to clean near the Christmas tree



Delivery of an artificial Christmas tree does not cause any problems – in parts, even the tallest tree can be loaded on to a truck



Our Christmas trees are made of absolutely non-combustible materials, so the buyer is safe from fires



This will save the Organization in costs to buy a Christmas tree every year. Our Christmas tree has a guarantee of 2 years, but in fact you will enjoy it for more than 5 years


Caring for the environment

Nowadays many companies and organizations declare the protection of nature, the purchase of a street artificial Christmas tree fully represents such care

Advantages of buying a street Christmas tree in our company:
• Our company has been working for 10 years on the market of artificial Christmas trees. During this time, we developed our own designs for trees, which can withstand the 4-5 wind load zones.
• Our street trees can withstand temperatures from -50°C to + 60°C.
• Christmas trees are produced in our own factory, so our company can offer low prices and minimum timing of orders.
• We can produce a custom-made Christmas tree according to customer’s drawings.
• All street Christmas trees are made from non-combustible materials, which is confirmed by certificates.
• The customer can order a Christmas tree on a turn-key basis – we can deliver, install and decorate the Christmas tree.
Needles can imitate the natural texture of a fir tree (made of film) or a pine (made of line).


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