Уличная елка, 3Д освещение, Уличное освещение
Manufacturer of artificial street fir-trees
Уличная елка, 3Д освещение, Уличное освещение
Manufacturer of LED decorations

About company Green Tree Lights

The Green Tree Lights company (GTL) was established in Kyiv in 2017. Artificial fir-trees and pines for street and interior use are the main products of realization, as well as the sale of Flash and 3D pixel garlands for decoration of fir-trees, facades and streets.

Artificial fir-tree is the best holiday solution for your company, mall or city. We offer street-trees for ordering height from 3 to 45 m with a high-strength case that is resistant to temperatures and fire. And also interior fir-trees, which have a lightweight frame and fluffy needles. All kinds of our fir-trees are easy to transport, even the highest of them in disassembled form can be placed in the truck. You can choose and buy an artificial fir-tree in our catalog!

However, no matter how beautiful the fir-tree is, garlands and various light decorations will make it brighter! An essential element of the festive composition are garlands and light motifs. You can buy a garland anywhere, but not everywhere you can buy a QUALITY garland. And therefore the question of choosing LED garlands is no less important than the choice of the fir-tree itself, besides, not everyone can make a full-fledged light composition out of them. So you won’t make a mistake choosing our LED garlands. If you need a garland for the street, it is also not a problem, our manufacturer uses one of the best technologies of protection against dust and water – IP68 protection.

The GTL company is interested in novelties and trends in the festive decoration market.  We take part in international exhibitions. So, in February 2018, we visited the Christmasworld exhibition, which is held annually in Frankfurt. Really incredible, even fabulous atmosphere of this event was a second Christmas for us. Hundreds of festive compositions, and even more questions about their implementation, as a result, gave us an unforgettable professional experience that we are happy to use to prepare-now your holiday.

From the first call, Green Tree Lights becomes your personal consultant on the selection, installation and decoration of the Christmas tree.

Do not hesitate to call right now. And don’t forget – the holiday is coming!

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