Light figures

Light figures are a metal frame, covered with PVC-film and decorated with LED garlands. Thanks to this combination, they look great not only at night, but also during the day. Light figures can be of different shapes and themes. For example, Christmas themed are snowmen, deer, a sleigh, a large Christmas tree toy, a large gift box etc., there are also other thematic figures – musical instruments, palm trees with camels, Easter eggs, dragonflies and butterflies. Light figures can be used to decorate locations not only on New Year’s Eve or before Christmas, but also to decorate parks, squares and buildings before other significant holidays or events, and even all the year round. The use of innovative technological solutions allows us to breathe life into light figures creating a game of light with all the colors to the rhythms of music.

  • Easter eggBase : Aluminum / Metal FrameDecoration : Flash garlandSize : 5.0m x 3.8m
  • Ladies and GentlemenHeight : Up to 2,5 mMaterial : Metal, LED-garlands, duralight
  • SakuraHeight : 2mMaterial : Metal, LED garland
  • AngelsHeight : 2mMaterial : Metal, LED garland, duralight
  • ElkHeight : 2mMaterial : Metal, LED garland

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