Decorations for a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree can look beautiful not only in the dark time (when garlands and light motifs are the main decoration), but also at the day time – for that purpose people create various decorations since the earliest times. Among our assortment there are also Christmas toys. We offer toys made of artificial leather and plastic, designed for outdoor use.
Toys made of artificial leather look great, can be securely attached, easy to use and well kept. There are more than 30 types of toys (a heart, a bow, a bag, a star, a ball, a candy, a moon, a rhombus, etc.), various colors (gold, silver, red, blue, orange, white, gray, yellow).
We have our own production, that’s why we can supply Christmas toys from artificial leather of a standard shape and size and customized as well.

Advantages of artificial leather toys by our company:

  • Look great.
  • Reliable in use.
  • Wide assortment – more than 30 kinds.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Can be customized.

Also our company recommends using plastic toys to decorate a Christmas tree. They are light, bright, made of durable plastic, even if the toy falls – it will not break, covered with professional paint, which withstands wind, rain, snow and frost.

  • LED ToysSize : 50 cmColor : Full Color RGBPower : 24 V

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