To create a festive mood you need not only to install a Christmas tree, but also to decorate it appropriately. In addition to garlands LED decorations (motifs – stars, snowflakes, balls) and Christmas tree’s toys are used. Also, to create a festive mood, you can use LED figures and 3D fountains. LED decorations for squares and facades of buildings can be used all year round, not only during the Christmas holidays.
LED elements look like decorations for a tree, a square or a facade in the day-time, and in the evening and at night they are additional backlight and create a fabulous atmosphere on the location.
To protect the people nearby and to restrict access to the tree for vandals, the decorative fencing is used. Decorative fencing is made of plastic, metal or banner fabric shields. The fence closes the access to the tree supports and also decorates the place where the tree is installed. We can apply both standard drawings and drawings provided by the customer.

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