Decorative fencing

When a street Christmas tree is installed, it must be protected from hooligans and vandals, and its “insides” – the supports, the garland control elements, the load – should be hidden. To protect the tree and others, we recommend using decorative fencing.
Decorative fences are a metal frame with a plastic, metal sheet or banner fabric shield. We can apply both standard New Year themed drawings and drawings provided by the customer on the shield. For example, we can place there a New Year’s greeting to the residents of the city or to the customers of your company.
So, the fencing for a street tree does not only have a protective but also a decorative function.
Decorative fencings, manufactured by our company, are easy to install and can be easily installed by our team or by the client.

Advantages of using our decorative fencings:
• Reliability of the structure.
• Easy installation.
• Possibility of customized drawings.

Our company has developed a new decorative fencing of the luxury class – LED fencing. The drawing is highlighted with LED Flash garlands along the contour. This fencing looks brighter and harmoniously complements the lighting of the tree while creating an indescribable image.
Decorative fencing by the TM Yalynka Ukrainy will not only protect your Christmas tree but also additionally decorate the festive location.

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