Stem Street Trees

Ствольная елка Хмельницикий
Ствольная елка рисунок

If you are planning to buy an artificial street Christmas tree the most similar to a living tree, we recommend you to choose a stem artificial Christmas tree. Among all kinds of artificial trees, the stem tree resembles a living tree most of all.
Such a Christmas tree consists of a metal stem, to which holders in the form of tubes and branches with artificial needles are attached. The number of branch tiers depends on the height of the tree. The height of the stem street tree can reach up to 40 meters.
This stem street tree can be divided into parts, which provides convenient storage and transportation. For easy installation, the branches of each tier are marked and packed separately. The Christmas tree can be completed with branches of a fir tree (made of film) or a pine (made of line).
Underpinning this Christmas tree is a detachable cross, which stands on the ground with the help of triangular supports.
When the tree is high, neck-cords are fastened to the cross to add stability by the wind load. In addition, the cross can be secured with a load (sand bags or concrete blocks).

Advantages of stem street trees:

  • • They look natural
  • • Convenient storage and transportation
  • • Repeated use
  • • Lower price compared to framed trees
  • Stem street Christmas treeHeight : up to 40 meters

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