Carcass Christmas Trees


A framed street tree is produced in the form of a metal structure that looks like a cone or a children’s pyramid. The frame is made of steel pipes covered with wear-resistant paint, branches with needles are fastened to it.
This design ensures stability and reliability of an artificial Christmas tree. On top of the frame the pipe is attached, which is needed to install a coniferous or a LED top.
The shape and height of the installed tree can be determined by the number of tiers and their diameter. To close the gap between the platform and the lower tier of branches, a decorated in a festive style fence is used.

Advantages of the framed street Christmas tree:

  • • Reliable and stable construction. The construction is designed for the 4th and 5th wind load zones
  • • Height up to 120 meters.
  • • Possibility to increase height. For example, you bought a Christmas tree, which is 16 meters high, and the next year you bought a lower tier with the height of 4 meters and the tree is now 20 meters high.
  • • The strengthening system developed by our company does not destroy the coating on the place where the tree is installed.
  • Framed street Christmas treeHeight : up to 40 meters

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